Uses of Timeline in Adobe Photoshop

Are you having any doubt in the timeline or want to enhance command on it in Adobe Photoshop? If yes then here in this blog I’ll be explaining everything about the timeline that will help you to learn the essential steps efficiently and quickly. So, let’s get started with a short introduction of this raster... Continue Reading →


Photoshop is an Undisputed Leader for Designing Graphics in the Video Editing Industry

Adobe Photoshop is the most advanced and one of the most powerful applications that has now days turned out to be a milestone for the different applications that are competing to meet the golden standard that Photoshop has set in the video editing industry to create graphics. If one want to showcase laurels in his... Continue Reading →

Learn About Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom

Both are image editing software. Photoshop is widely used by photographers and graphic designers. It has a massive toolbox which has to be learned in detail to be perfected. Lightroom is a software for photo editing features and an photo management. This is important software to start learning to edit pictures. Because it's tool box... Continue Reading →

Demands and career in Animation?

The demand of Animation is increasing in modern generation day by day. There are many types of animation like 2D -3D animation, traditional, stop motion. Which is widely used create animated movies, music, games development, cartoonist character, tele-film, advertising, presentation etc. If you try to represent something in creative way, then choosing career in animation... Continue Reading →

Interview Questions and Answers in Photoshop

Question1: Importance of Brush tools? Answer: It is the main for painting. It has many types of brushes. Users can adjust brush size parameter, opacity, hardness, threshold, dissolve, Hue and saturation etc. It is also used for making patterns and designs. Users can define space on brushes. Question2: Uses of Pen tool? Answer: It is... Continue Reading →

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